Saturday, 11 June 2011

Floorpunch - New Jersey (Discography) - Gold - Six Feet Under Records

Ok, so I've made the obligatory trip to the Royal Mail sorting depot this morning to pick up my weekly stash. First up is a good example I think of literally the sheer amount of vinyl to acquire over the coming weeks, months and years. To think I didn't own any FP records at all until today, but thankfully SFU have made this all but a breeze for myself having compiled all the necessary FP tracks onto one excellent gatefold double LP collection. Kind of wish that I'd gone for the clear though rather than the strange gold press. Excellent breakdown of the various covers and colour at xohashix.

Incidentally with my order came a slip that the Mental Demo II will be pressed again as they oversold it through their webstore with a limited cover for those who missed out. Actually now I think I bought these on the day Osama Bin Laden was killed and all SFU records were half price for one day only. Even better.

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  1. still haven't gotten round to buying one of these...I really should!