Saturday, 11 June 2011

On Thin Ice / Down To Nothing - Split EP - Dead and Gone Records

Ok so here's my first attempt to try and catalogue some of my collection. This record was actually part of the reason I have resurrected my passion for collecting vinyl. I happened to be browsing through ebay and managed to pick a few of these tour covers up for virtually nowt. Coupled with the fact there will never be a discography I thought it'd be nice to try and pick up the various records to complete the set.

Its been quite a challenge to track down most of these records as now the Dead and Gone website is no longer and lack of general information about what actually exists. However I think this is complete.

Test Press

Clearly eight of these.

Record Release

I remember this is one record I bought from a show but not the record release. I imagine there were a few copies left over that were sold at a whichever show I went to.

Out of fifty on black.

First Press 

If I recall correctly there is only one press of this record. A limited blue colour vinyl out of 300.

Black out of 700.

European tour 2005 cover out of 100.

 European tour cover 2006 out of 75.

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