Sunday, 1 July 2012

On Thin Ice / Down To Nothing - Split 7" - ? 1st/2nd Press Posi Numbers

Here's something that I finally thought I should stick a photo and get it on here asap. Mainly because it was one of those nice surprises where I thought I had purchased one thing off ebay but it turned out to be a rare variant.

Those who have read the other brief documentation of my collection I've started here will see that I have tried to get the complete discography for the UKHC band On Thin Ice. I've gone as far as I can really without the last couple of ridiculous like "out of 6" covers which hopefully I will pick up one day. One record when I was trying to see what I am missing from howsyour edge read like this: "Down to Nothing/On Thin Ice Split (Pink, 1st Press, Posi Numbers 2005 Stamp, ? Copies, Grave Mistake Records)"

It's well documented the clear press, but only 1 or 2 collectors had this listed, was it a mistake? The 2nd press is regarded as the clear stamped copy, how does this fall into the chain of releases? Did they just stamp the last few 1st presses they had to sell at posi numbers. Who knows, I certainly don't have the links to find out though.
So back to the story, I was searching the bay as usually and came across this listing:

No other info, just saying it was in good condition. So I bid on it for a couple pounds, mainly because I thought it looked my pink than my previous copy. However when I opened the package and inspected my purchase, I flipped it over and realised it was stamped on the back cover (see image at top of entry)! So there you go, I guess in summary I'm saying, one more bloomin' hard ass rare variant ticked off the list, and I wasn't even trying!