Saturday, 27 August 2011

Dead Stop - S/T - Six Feet Under - Pre-order Sleeve

I say that I have been too busy to blog recently which may be true but is also I admit is a excuse. But when this dropped on my doormat this morning I had to get it on here. Plus I can tag it to a bit of a theme that this weekend is also the belgium grand prix.

This version is a seriously good example of good execution. Sometimes you see those rare test presses in just dust sleeves and think why spend a load of your hard earned green on a record which only if you know what it is will you be able to appreciate it. Instead this record tickles my collectors funny bone as it were, it looks beautiful. Its got a sweet as glossy acetate cover with cardboard behind it imitating the colours of the belgium flag. The net effect is amazing to look at, and of course the record ain't too bad either.

Also to brag a bit I got it for virtually nothing, guess there was no one to bid against me on ebay so it went for less than a third of what I was willing to pay.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Trapped Under Ice - Demo / Stay Cold

Bit quiet this week, picked these up this morning. Been very busy recently which hasn't allowed much time for blogging. I'll avoid any weather related quips with the band name.

First up Stay Cold 3rd pressing /1000 (with head printed on reverse label) (full pressing info). Again not really interested in the variants here, just one of the better releases of recent years that I didn't have a copy of, got this for $1 off ebay and its in pretty good nick.

While I was searching on ebay for the above record I also copped the demo (2nd press / 500), which isn't quite as good, depending on your stance on demo's being pressed onto vinyl, again didn't cost me much.

I'm going to be putting together a couple of posts on records that I actually manage to get a mention on so stay posted... (its not that exciting actually)