Sunday, 5 June 2011

Justice Live and Learn Powered Records Clear

So a little while ago I looked at my record stash and thought, "that's some weak collection". So I the past few weeks I've set about trying to obtain records not necessarily in random rare colours and cover art but just solid records that I don't even own one copy of! So here is born my record collecting blog.

I started to move away from hardcore in about 2006 when for whatever reason I just wasn't so much interested anymore, several bands split etc. etc. and as such I am missing a few of the later Justice releases post the Justice Elephant Skin LP back in 2005.

I'm liking the progression which I think is inevitable as hardcore just doesn't allow for much creativity so if your band survives longer than a year to keep a fresh sound and not mainly trying to take it to the 'next level' (which obviously doesn't exist in hardcore for good reason) its understandable that the sound will change a bit.

Strangely on the Powered Records discography it doesn't mention a clear press.

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