Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Generations - A Hardcore Compilation - 1st Press Blue - Revelation Records

The clock is ticking on my 26th birthday which is less than a month away. I've got some special records coming for my birthday paid for by relatives and rightly stowed away until the big day.

The question weighing on my mind is whether to go 'cold turkey' and not open any other records until the big day in order not to dilute any excitement or as I like to think 'Christmas effect' which is reminiscent of being a child and tearing open the wrapping paper on the must have toy that Santa bought.

Anyway, back to the current day, 3 records hit my metaphorical doormat this morning. And I'm afraid to say I had to bust one of them open and stash the other 2 away, so I'm in a weaning regime as it were!

It's a corker too. I came across this last weekend on the bay and definitely wanted it from first viewing. I'm finding I'm more into LPs these days as I prefer to stick a record on and go about doing jobs and shit that you need to when your middle-aged, rather than doing 'homework' and surfing the internet. 7's are just annoying that you need to flip them after about 5 minutes, bearing enough time to get the kettle on, before sitting down to some internet finances.

This is the 1st press on blue, limited to 550.

It's on at the moment and Rev definitely chose a good time to re-issue the original premise of the New York City Hardcore compilation, which incidentally is one of the first records I ever bought (bonus pic) as its a great way to hear some new bands as I've never been one for trawling myspace / facebook / other social networking site hosting mp3s.